The laboratories are designed to fit the needs and requirements of the students and   equipped with world class equipment and facilities based on the latest technology. Highly sophisticated laboratories aim to provide competent manpower in the field of health care education.

List of laboratories that are specialized and custom made for each program:


Nursing Skill Laboratories

  • Fundamental Laboratory
  • Community Laboratory
  • Nutrition Laboratory
  • Anatomy Laboratory
  • Midwifery   Laboratory


Pharmacy Laboratories

  • Biochemistry Laboratory
  • Pharmacology Laboratory
  • Research Laboratory
  • Chemistry   Laboratory
  • Pharmaceutical Laboratory
  • Microbiology Laboratory
  • Anatomy Laboratory
  • Pharmacognosy
  • Pharmaceutical   Analysis and Quality Control Laboratory


Sc. MLT Laboratories

  • Hematology Laboratory
  • Pathology Laboratory
  • Microbiology Laboratory
  • Biochemistry Laboratory
  • Anatomy Laboratory