Your Responsibilities

As a resident of the campus all boarders are responsible for their own safety and security of college premises. As a part of the on campus community there are certain responsibilities that you are requested to adhere to?

  • All guest policies will be according to the residential hall standard policies
  • Keep outside doors closed, even if you need to go in and out frequently
  • Only let people you know into residential buildings
  • Immediately report any obscene, harassing or threatening phone calls, emails and messages and any suspicious circumstances
  • Take appropriate care of the property
  • Know where to go for help when you need it
  • Abide by all rules and  regulations stated during the time of admission
  • In case of an earthquake: DROP, COVER and HOLD and run to the closest open space
  • Always take a formal permission when  you are going  out of the college premises
  • Give a copy of your  emergency contact information to the wardens
  • Inform your  family and friends about guest policies
  • Do not allow unauthorized entry into the residential halls
  • Protect your belongings put your names on all your personal effects